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Talignite helps organizations bring out the best in their people to achieve great things – making them proud while driving business growth.


Our proprietary “HCH” assessor enables us to look “under the hood” of your business at its Human Capital Health. We conduct onsite interviews with leaders, team members, and partners and dig into your current programs to understand what drives your success and motivates your teams. The result is a playbook of action to drive business results through your greatest asset – your people.

Employer Branding

Your employees should be as clearly attuned to your brand as your external customers are. The strongest brands do both. Creating an internal brand to mirror your external brand attracts the right talent and strengthens the employee value proposition.

Candidate Sourcing & Assessment

Know what it will take for a new hire to be successful in his or her role. Then, take control of your candidate flow by identifying where the right people can be found and going to them. Stop wasting time on inefficient sourcing and bad hires.

New Hire Onboarding

Selling a candidate on a job doesn’t end when they accept your offer. It’s the beginning of long-term success and ongoing engagement. Don’t make your new employees wonder if they made the right decision. Show them early and often while speeding up the learning curve.

Performance Review Processes

The best review processes are more than a one-time event. Building the process to include clear goals, milestones and touchpoints increases employee line of sight and propels performance.

Performance Coaching & Feedback Programs

A successful coaching and feedback program encompasses all levels of employees and empowers them to seek solutions and improve performance. Good coaches require training and good feedback should be structured and ongoing.

Career Paths & Career Coaching

Helping new employees build skills has never mattered more. Today’s workforce demands career mapping and expects to reach the next level with the help of an organization’s career coaching. Tapping into the expectation builds the skills your business needs today and in the future.

Succession Planning & Leadership Development

Understanding the skills necessary for critical positions in your organization and identifying development needs of future leaders and setting a plan in motion ensures a smoother transition when the time for change comes.

Total Rewards Strategies

Attract and retain top talent using total rewards. Helping employees understand and appreciate the complete value of what you offer across traditional and non-traditional benefits increases employer value in the market and heightens employee engagement.

Flexible Work Programs

Many roles no longer require traditional work hours or locations. Designing flexible time and work location programs that matter to employees and make sense to your business can attract the right talent and result in better productivity and loyalty.

Employee Surveys and Culture Improvement

Engaged employees perform better and inspire others. Disengaged employees create the opposite environment. Engagement surveys measure both and identify gaps so that you can take the right steps to improve your organizational culture.

Can Talignite Help?
Think through the following questions.  If your answers give you pause, create a little anxiety, or even keep you up at night, let’s talk!  Contact Talignite.
  • What are the goals for your business over the next 3-5 years?
  • What are the people skills, experience, and leadership capabilities needed to achieve the business goals and meet challenges and opportunities head on?
  • Is your current team positioned to help in achieving the goals or will it hold you back?
  • What are the most critical challenges that will be faced in meeting those goals?
  • Where are the biggest opportunities in your market/industry and what needs to happen to take advantage of them?
  • Are your Human Resource strategies and programs directly linked to, and do they support, the business goals?
If you are currently facing any of the following people challenges contact us.
  • You need more leadership and accountability from employees.
  • The workforce skills need to be upgraded or “stepped up.”
  • You have difficulty attracting and keeping the best people.
  • Managers aren’t sure how to manage, motivate and develop their people.
  • The company needs to do more with fewer people, yet employees are overworked.
  • Morale and engagement are down.
  • You aren’t able to pay as much as your competitors.
  • Poor performers aren’t pulling their weight, are dragging down others and impeding progress.