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Talignite strategically leverages strong resources to provide the best customized solutions for your business.  Our partners can contribute to helping you ignite your workforce.

Talent Acquisition Should Be Easier. You Deserve Better. Hiring Optics helps show Talent your company’s personality.


  • Employer Branding

  • Video Job Descriptions

  • Visual Recruitment Marketing

Talignite has a strategic partnership with Predictive Synergistics, a team passionate about people and data. Leveraging the resources of Predictive Synergistics to use data to connect the right people to the right roles, you’ll bridge tough obstacles so your business can achieve peak performance. With tools from PI Worldwide® like the award-winning Predictive Index®, Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT), and Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS), Predictive Synergistics supports Talignite to help you understand and optimize the built-in work behaviors and motivations of your people and prospects. Click to learn more about Predictive Synergistics.

Staffing Solutions Enterprises is a women’s owned business specializing in career matchmaking and recruitment solutions. For the past 42 years Staffing Solutions has been delivering expert recruitment services that add exceptional value to employers. In all cases, they fulfill the commitment to excellence in service through innovation, creativity and responsiveness. Staffing Solutions offers recruitment solutions for every phase in the recruitment life cycle and unites the right person with the right team.